Milan and Inter Back to Square One on the Brand-New Stadium

The project of building a new stadium next to San Siro has gone pear-shaped, and Milan and Inter have started looking for a new area. The clubs refused the public debate that would have been necessary to get the green light. It would have required further blueprints and investments without providing real certainties, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs.

The teams had picked the so-called Cathedral by the Populos architectural design firm in December. They preferred it the alternative ideated by Manica and Sportium. However, the local committees and environmentalist groups showed major resistance. In the end, also mayor the support of mayor Giuseppe Sala withered. The outfits are on the verge of abandoning the plan. It would not have been ready before 2026. The opening ceremony of the next Winter Olympics, which Italy will host, will take place in the current arena.

Milan and Inter are now strongly considering locations outside of the city for the new stadium. The leading candidate is nearby Sesto San Giovanni, in the site of the Falck steel plant. The executives had preliminary talks about it before they had decided to move forward with the Populos project. The decision had generated a spirited debate over the future of the San Siro, as the proposal of demolishing drew significant criticism.

The Elliott fund and the Zhang family remain fully committed to finding a new home to close the gap with the European powerhouses, the publication informs. However, there is no telling when it will come to fruition at this point.