Milan Negotiating with Brescia Past Deadline to Buy Out Sandro Tonali

Milan did not pick their option to acquire Sandro Tonali permanently before the June 16th’s deadline. However, they still plan to keep him and are actively negotiating with Brescia. The Rossoneri are looking to change the previous terms of the deal. The two sides are collaborating to find the right solution, and there is optimism, Gianluca Di Marzio reports.

Milan added the midfielder on a season-long loan last year, paying €10M. The original agreement included a €15M clause, €10M bonuses, and 15 percent of a future sale. The Rossoneri want to shave off around €10M from the entire package.

Brescia stiffened at the previous Milan proposal, which included youngster Giacomo Olzer and €5/7M. The Rondinelle would rather get Lorenzo Colombo, who has made some appearances with the first team. The Rossoneri do not want to lose control of the striker. The two parties are contemplating a long-term loan to the Serie B side, indicates.

Tonali informed the two clubs that he wants to stay put. He would have several offers from other Italian outfits if he were not retained. He made 37 appearances across all competitions in his first season with the Rossoneri.

Milan also decided not to activate the €8M option to purchase Soualiho Meite after the loan spell. They will have to look elsewhere for depth in the midfield. But their rumored target Matteo Pessina is no longer an option, despite a clause in their favor. He has quietly extended his contract with Atalanta till 2025 before the Euro, Corriere della Sera informs.