Milan Veteran Defender Voices His Desire to Stay Put

As was rumored in the recent past, Kjaer has no intention of searching for another club and would like to prolong his sojourn in Milan. He expressed his love for the team in an interview on his own website (via Fantacalcio).

“Being part of it makes me proud. It’s almost a cliché, but the Rossoneri were the club of my dreams when I first came to Italy at Palermo. It’s a true story, and I recounted it many times. While I was in Sicily, I told my agent he would have to bring me to Milan one day. I was close to joining on a few occasions, and then it finally happened.”

Kjaer has been a staple up until a major knee injury.

“Now it’s the team for which I played the most, and that makes me feel good. I have logged more appearances only with Denmark at this point.”

Kjaer dished on the newcomers.

“I think the management found a big number of players that will help the squad get better this season. I wish them all success with the Rossoneri jersey and that this outfit helped them achieve great things in the future.”

Kjaer assessed his future.

“I just think about staying at Milan. I must admit that, after living abroad for so many years and over 600 games in the top leagues, I struggle to see myself playing for a Danish side. But it’s also true that anything can happen in football.”

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