More Contract Talks Needed Between Inter and Dumfries

The negotiation with Denzel Dumfries is one of the top priorities for Inter since he has two years on his contract, but it’ll take a little more time to reach an agreement.

According to Tuttomercatoweb, the parties are currently a little distant on the sums, but not by a lot. The Dutchman is due for a pay bump since he came in with low wages, €2.6M plus add-ons. He earns less than multiple other starters.

Inter offered €3.5M per year, while Dumfries and his camp asked for €4.5M. There’s a gap, but both parties want to arrive at a positive resolution. They could simply meet halfway at a €4M salary.

While some more bargaining is necessary, there don’t seem to be major problems. Instead, the next one to put pen to paper will be Federico Dimarco. He has come to terms with the brass. They are just waiting for the right time for the signature and the announcement.

Our Take on Dumfries and Inter

Despite some peaks and valleys and the occasional lulls, he’s one of the best bargains in recent years. He should surely be rewarded but, with all the raises reportedly in the works, one has to wonder whether the club is in better shape thanks to the money they raked in last season and summer, or if the other shoes will drop in the near future and lead to other major departures.

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