Mourinho Concludes Multi-Year Chase of Renato Sanches

Renato Sanches and Leandro Paredes have officially completed their moves to Roma. The Portuguese midfielder arrives in the Italian capital with a one-year delay. The Giallorossi strongly wanted them last summer, but PSG outbid them. In reality, José Mourinho has been keeping tabs on him for a lot longer (via LaRoma24).

The gaffer wished Manchester United signed the prospect back in 2017 when he transferred to Bayern Munich.

“I’ve come here too late, or I would have fought to have him. He moved in May, one week before we started talking. The Red Devils and I scouted him extensively. I’ve spent a lot of time watching Benfica and got to know him better and better. He joined a big team, and he’ll surely win the title and play in the Champions League. It may be a good choice, and he’ll get the opportunity to grow.”

A year later, Mourinho took notice that Renato Sanches wasn’t starring regularly and then revisited him after a few games with Fulham in 2018.

“He complicated his game too much. He was overeager and trying difficult things and no longer playing simply. He couldn’t complete a simple pass and was always looking for impossible ones or the long-ball. Maybe he felt the need to prove his worth in England because he was very young. He eventually lost confidence, and a pair of injuries didn’t help.”

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