Mourinho Discloses Backstory About Milan Past Courtship

Following yesterday’s loss, José Mourinho revealed that he had the opportunity to coach Milan a few years back. “When I see how San Siro reacted today, I am very pleased I turned them down,” the Portuguese gaffer said in the post-game presser.

“Three years ago, their ownership wanted to hire me. I thought about it for three days, but then I decided to say no. I am very happy for making such decision. There is still room for passion and antagonism even though I am a professional. I am at Roma now, and I will give my whole for them. Looking back at what happened today, I am doubly satisfied with my answer. They came to me, and I told them to go home and that I would not join.”

The Milan crowd showered Mourinho with chants and insults. According to his timetable, the club pursued him either before appointing Marco Giampaolo in 2019 or when he was fired and replaced by Stefano Pioli in October. The Portuguese coach was a free agent and then took over Tottenham in November.

Mourinho again slammed the referee and the VAR after the Milan clash: “Their decisions are difficult to understand and to accept. It has become the norm here at Roma, but we must not get used to that. I did not see a definitive image about Tammy Abraham’s penalty kick. The VAR assistant should intervene only when there are major doubts. He should have stayed quiet there and drank a tea or a beer.”