Mourinho Laments Roma Insufficient Economic Firepower

José Mourinho touched on the Roma plans for the transfer market from Japan, stating that they are no longer capable of replicating deals as sizeable as Tammy Abraham’s one (via Calciomercato).

“We don’t have the strength to buy players from the Premier League. He was an exception because he wanted an opportunity to prove his worth. Nemanja Matic is 34 and spent times in the best clubs. He reunited with me to add experience. You have to be lucky and have a squad with the right motivations and qualities. Coaches can implement them but we can’t make miracles. We completed many deals in the last two years, trying to do things the right way. The opinion of the manager is important, but so is the club’s sustainability. We have to factor in the Financial Fair play.”

The Special One joked about signing a local player.

“Maybe if he’s cheap. Some key pieces are currently injured, and it’s important to recover them. It’s not a disaster but it has widespread effects. We need them healthy. Our second goal will be to rest those who have often played three matches per week. After we return, we’ll have ten meaningful days of practice.”

Unlike Mourinho, Roma director Tiago Pinto sidestepped the questions about the transfer market.

“I don’t want to waste my time on the matter, even though Italian journalists always ask about it. The window will open in January. We announced Ola Solbakken early because he was out of contract. The media are part of the game, but I don’t read or listen to them to do my job well. I’ve started at a young age and never paid much attention to them.”

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