Mourinho Relishing Time in Rome, Takes Shots at Mancini

José Mourinho commented on his first year at Roma and said his piece on the Azzurri failing to qualify for the World Cup in an interview with Esquire.

“I always say that training centers are the same around the world, so there isn’t much difference between an incredible city like Rome or a dark, cold and hidden place. However, what has changed in my life is that I feel good in this club and I have a nice relationship with everybody. I’m happy in Italy.”

The Special One shared his thoughts on how Serie A evolved during his time away.

“The League went through a rough moment after I left, but not because I departed. They had a dip in quality and appeal. Instead, it’s more passionate and competitive more, and it manages to draw Premier League players. There’s still some gap with the top teams in Europe, but the level is better overall. There are many coaches with strong ideas that play offensive-minded and ambitious football. A few sides, including Roma, are growing in a wider sense and bringing more and more people to the stadiums.”

Mourinho didn’t mince words on Italy missing out on Qatar 2022.

“It’s hard to accept it if you love football. I have grown in the 70’s and 80’s and you can imagine what the Azzurri meant at the time. They have always been a reference point. Even if I work here it’s hard to comprehend what happened. They have many good players, even though just a few star abroad. I refuse to accept the notion that they lack talent, that’s just not true. The Azzurri have to make it to the World Cup.”

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