Napoli Star Agent Offers Mixed Remarks About His Future

Victor Osimhen faced scrutiny for a late return from international duties, although he was suspended for the Atalanta game. It was later revealed that he had to stay in Nigeria to serve as a witness for the pitch invasion in the World Cup playoffs.

Roberto Calenda, one of his agents, talked to Radio Marte (via Alfredo Pedullà): “He has always shown great attachment to Napoli since day one. That is a non-issue. The recent controversy was ludicrous. I do not want to waste my time on it.”

“Luciano Spalletti does help his players get better, he works a lot on the pitch, and he is very attentive to their traits. Osimhen is young, so he is bound to improve if he receives sound advice. We are all very happy with how things are going. Moving here was a precise choice for growth, both technical and as a man. Serie A is not in great shape overall, but it is very tactical and has fantastic coaches. Playing here is an important stepping stone for any foreigner.”

The representative did not directly address the rumors: “He is fully focused on this season, he wants to win, and he is ready to dive on any ball, as he has already proven. He is part of a very strong team. Then, newspapers need to be filled and sold. Even those that know little about football would name Osimhen if you asked them to recommend a striker. He is a Napoli player, and our attention is fully on the next seven finals.”

The Nigerian ace is reportedly drawing plenty of interest from Premier League sides. Newcastle, Arsenal, and Manchester United are top of the queue, Corriere dello Sport informs. However, it will take €120M to convince the Partenopei to sell Osimhen.