Nesta Deplores Milan Decision: “Maldini Sack Beyond Any Logic”

Reflecting upon Carlo Ancelotti’s comments, Lazio and Milan icon Alesssandro Nesta has backed former teammate Paolo Maldini after the decision to sack him came to light. Milan owner Gerry Cardinale and chairman Paolo Scaroni have been under fire by some notable personalities for taking the drastic step to dismiss the technical director

Nesta spoke to the microphones of Sky Sport and commented on the Rossoneri management’s decision to sack Maldini.

“Ancelotti is right, the arrival of foreign properties in Italy is good because they bring new money, but they should study the history of the club, what some personalities mean to the fans. This is really a wrong decision for Milan, beyond any logic. He led Milan, who were in that situation, to win the championship and play in a Champions League semi-final, it was anything but an easy thing.”

Nesta then reflected on Maldini’s personality.

“I’ve played with Maldini for many years, we’ve gone on vacation together, our children have known each other forever. But I’m still in awe of him when I talk to him. It’s a matter of great personality, not presumption.”

Maldini and Nesta manned Milan’s defensive line for 10 years, winning a host of trophies together, including two Scudetti and Champions League titles each.

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