Pedro: “Mourinho Didn’t Explain Why He Didn’t Want Me”

Roma coach Jose Mourinho was the main reason why Pedro left the Giallorossi two years ago, as the Special One omitted the Spaniard from his first pre-season fixtures as the club’s new trainer. The 35-year-old Lazio forward, however, is still perplexed as to why Mourinho made the decision to send him away without an explanation.

Speaking to ABC (vIa LazioNews24) in an exclusive interview, Pedro revealed the strange manner in which he departed Roma, only to join hardcore rivals Lazio.

“Disappointed by Mourinho? No. He made the decision to send me away. What disappointed me is that I tried to talk to him to find out why, I wanted him to say it to my face, we are not children, and he didn’t want to. Even the club didn’t let me, it was a bit strange.”

He then drew comparisons between Mourinho and recent treble winner Pep Guardiola.

“Difference between Guardiola and Mourinho? I don’t know if they are yin and yang. They are different. Guardiola is number one, a perfectionist, Mourinho has other methods. If I have to pick one, you already know who I’ll pick. I’m with Pep, without any problems. He is the best coach I’ve ever had, the one with whom I learned to understand football, the one who made me grow the most as a player and as a person.”

Pedro then dished on his Lazio career, having moved to the Biancocelesti in a rare move that usually doesn’t stand right among supporters.

“Mourinho was the one who wanted me at Chelsea. It’s true we had a bad year, he was sacked at Christmas. But in those 6 months together I had no problems with him. Instead in Rome he made this decision. I accepted this choice. I didn’t cry or get depressed. On the contrary, he made me stronger and showed me another side of football. I have Lazio now, which is right for me, it adapts to what I’m looking for.”

Pedro spent one season in Roma, registering six goals in 40 appearances. He now has 17 goals in 87 caps for Lazio since moving in 2021.

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