Pogba Made Things Worse by Waiting on Knee Surgery

Paul Pogba wanted to wait more time to have surgery on his injured knee, continuing with the protocol he has followed for the past five weeks. But Juventus convinced him to go under the knife this time, which happened immediately. He could potentially return before the World Cup, but it won’t be easy, SportMediaset reports.

Doctor Roberto Rossi, who performed the operation, talked to TuttoSport.

“The meniscus lesion was complex because there were loose bodies. The situation got worse when he tried to run on it. The conservative therapy didn’t work, instead it caused further issues. When we intervened, there no longer was the possibility of repairing it. We could just remove it. Alongside with the team’s medical staff, we set an eight-week timetable for him to practice fully.”

Juventus CEO Maurizio Arrivabene discussed Pogba having surgery to Sky before the PSG clash.

“We tried that route and today, obviously, we aren’t in an ideal situation, nor for him or for us. But we have to look at the future and hope for a speedy recovery. It may happen before the World Cup, but I care more about our interests. It’s normal to have second thoughts on surgeries. We discussed it together and he knew our opinions, and we respect his. That being said, we need to move on.”

As per La Repubblica, even if Pogba returned beforehand, French coach Didier Deschamps could take advantage of his predictable physical shortcomings to exclude him from the squad for Qatar 2022 to spare the embarrassments considering the ongoing weird saga involving his brothers and Kylian Mbappé. The final list has to be submitted by November 9th.

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