Pogba Officially Suspended for Four Years for Doping

Paul Pogba has been banned for four years for doping. His line of defense didn’t hold up in court. The request by the prosecutor was fully accepted. As things stand, the 31-year-old, who has barely played in the past two seasons, would return in 2028/2029, La Repubblica informs. He can appeal to the CAS.

The midfielder tested positive for testosterone following August 20th’s game versus Udinese. As mandated by the rulebook, he was preventively suspended on September 11th. The initial reports indicated a supplement suggested to the player by a doctor in Miami was at fault.

Ulterior analysis on the sample, which took place on October 5th confirmed the positivity but revealed Rhea to be the substance in question. Pogba refused to plea bargain, but his justifications were in vain. He has been earning a minimal wage, €48k, since last Autumn.

The anti-doping prosecutor asked for a four-year sentence on December 7th as he didn’t believe in an accidental assumption or contamination and asked for the maximum punishment. The star has been barred from training in the meantime.

Juventus implied they’d wait for the legal process to take its course before deciding what to do with Pogba. The most likely outcome is a rescission. He inked a deal till 2026, with €8M wages, when he came back. The club would also be entitled to compensation for damages, but it wanted to ask for it. The Frenchman logged just eight appearances in his second turn in Turin.

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