Prosecutor Wraps Up Second Sports Inquiry vs Juventus

Federal prosecutor Giuseppe Chinè has used up all his time to investigate the strange maneuvers by Juventus on wages during the pandemic. He has 15 days to formally communicate that the probe has ended, moving to the next stages, La Repubblica informs.

The suspect dealings with other clubs as for instance Atalanta, Sassuolo, and Udinese, will not be part of the second trial. A few local DA’s offices, on top of the Turin one, have started looking into the allegations. He’ll wait for further evidence before eventually revisiting the matter. Instead, it will include dubious fees for the agents.

Chinè has reportedly decided not to move against the players that signed agreements to postpone their wages because they were unaware of the alleged infractions and collaborated. Therefore, only the Juventus executives at the time and the club will potentially face discipline. They’ll have a fortnight to file their defenses after the notice. Then, the prosecutor will have a month to decide whether to refer them or shelve the investigation, which is highly unlikely. Given the timetable, everything will occur after April 19th. The result of the appeal against the first point deduction may indirectly affect the second tranche.

According to Il Giornale (via Calcio e Finanza), the new Juventus brass will consider plea bargaining to reduce the sanction and avoid the matter from dragging on for too long, ruining their summer plans and potentially next season as well. While former president Andrea Agnelli wanted to fight tooth and nail and deny any misconduct, owner John Elkann and their current officials could be more pragmatic, even though they’d have to admit the side broke some rules.

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