Roma Director Pinto Blasts ‘Distorted’ Juventus Ruling

Roma sporting director Tiago Pinto has snickered away at the partially successful ruling that now delivers all 15 points back into the coffers of Juventus following their sanction. The Bianconeri have leapfrogged Roma into third position, at least momentarily, and the Giallorossi executive is not a happy man.

Speaking of the Court of Appeal’s decision to assimilate a revised hearing, Pinto declared the workings of the court as distorted (via VoceGiallorossa).

“I have to laugh in order not to cry. I’m not a lawyer, it’s not up to me to talk about the legal issue , but as a footballer, if we played for three months with a ranking that doesn’t correspond to reality, it means that the mechanism is distorted. That’s it. I don’t have to say any more.”

It is reported that Juventus will still likely lose some points down the line since several of the ex-Bianconeri executives have been handed weighty bans.

Understandably, for the moment, Pinto and Roma, along with Milan and Inter are left disappointed because of the hearing, which leaves them languishing for the ever-vital fourth spot that seals Champions League qualification.

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