Salernitana Eye Napoli Legend Exiting Manchester United

Edinson Cavani will leave Manchester United as his contract is expiring, and Salernitana are mulling over a difficult attempt to onboard him. The team is located an hour away from Naples, where the Uruguayan striker had some of his best seasons.

President Danilo Iervolino told Corriere del Mezzogiorno: “I wish El Matador finished his career with us. I would like to make this gift to the city. Personally, I want to keep Franck Ribery as well.” Director Walter Sabatini already pulled off some high-profile acquisitions in the past: “I brought him to Palermo back in the day. It is a challenging signing economically speaking. We have the means to hand out large wages, but we should not. Our football must be sustainable.” 

Cavani would get closer to his kids if he joined Salernitana. Lucas and Bautista, and his ex-wife Soledad, reside in Naples. The 35-year-old striker has been linked to a move to Boca Juniors or Brazil. He previously played six years in Serie A, first in Sicily and then with the Partenopei.

The deal is in its early stages and a long shot overall. Iervolino clarified to Il Mattino: “It is a fascinating idea. However, we have not talked yet. I am not aware of his physical conditions either.” Walter Guglielmone, the brother and agent of Cavani, addressed the Salernitana ties to Spazio Napoli: “We do not know anything about it yet. There has not been any direct contract. To be honest, I do not think he could really go there.”