Sarri Admires Lazio Attitude Despite Maximiano Blunder

Maurizio Sarri has expressed satisfaction at his side’s hard-fought 2-1 win against Bologna, despite Luis Maximiano’s disastrous debut for the club. The Portuguese keeper received a red card after only six minutes for handling the ball outside the box.

The Biancocelesti then went a goal down by virtue of Marko Arnautovic’s penalty, following which Sarri’s men mustered momentum to stage a comeback.

Speaking to the press after the match (via LazioNews24), the ex-Napoli and Chelsea coach threw light upon the encounter.

“The match was difficult, it seemed like one of those matches where everything goes against you. My concern was playing the whole game in this climate. I’m satisfied with how the team held up at a physical level, but also on a tactical and character level. We managed to turn the game around at the first useful moment. I liked the attitude of the boys.”

Sarri was visibly energized throughout the match, appearing to be frustrated with decisions going the opposition’s way time and again.

“I protested throughout the match and rightly so. I won’t go into the specifics, but I didn’t like how the referee conducted the match.”

Finally, he spoke of Maximiano’s fateful debut.

“It’s useless to talk to him right now. He apologized to everyone as soon as we went into the locker room. It’s a mistake and it can happen, we have to accept it. Future choices will not be based on a single mistake.”

Sarri and Lazio visit Ivan Juric’s Torino next weekend for their second match of the new season.

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