Seria A Lags Behind Other Top Leagues in January Sums

Serie A sides have gotten busy in January, but not much money changed hands during the past month. The League profited more than what it spent as a whole. There were 144 departures and 123 acquisitions. The total earnings, €66M, significantly outweigh the disbursements, €31M, according to the Transfermarkt data (via Tuttomercatoweb).

It’s the poorest window since the same period in 2017/2018 when the Italian championship close with a €56,7M positive balance. But clubs still invested more than this year, € 52.8M. The poorest one stays the winter window in 2005/2006, with just €9.4M in purchases and €13.5M in sales.

Serie A is last among the top five European leagues in January investments. Chelsea led the way, and the English sides spent €830M. Ligue 1 reached €125M, Bundesliga €68M, and La Liga €31.8M, a smidge above. The Championship came close with €28M.

There were a plethora of loans in the Peninsula, and the biggest sides didn’t do much. Napoli, Inter, Milan, Roma, Juventus, and Lazio were mostly quiet. Torino made the biggest splash by signing Ivan Ilic from Verona in a €15M move. However, they also sold Sasa Lukic to Fulham for a slightly inferior fee shortly thereafter.

The Scaligeri and Spezia were the most active outfits, but the former committed cash only if they avoided relegation given the formulas they used, whereas the Aquilotti sold Jakub Kiwior to Arsenal for €25M. Sampdoria significantly altered their squad, but only through loans, as they are amidst a full-fledged financial crisis.

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