Serie A Head Dal Pino Hands Over His Resignation Letter

Serie A president Paolo Dal Pino is stepping down and explained his reasoning in a letter to the teams. The official often clashed with a few sides over the handling of some matters.

The latest argument came over the weekend. A few clubs went behind his back and wrote to the Italian Olympic Committee and the Sports Undersecretary to lament the fact that Gabriele Gravina, the president of the Italian FA, was trying to impose a reform of the bylaws, Il Sole24Ore reports.

Dal Pino stated in his release: “I moved most of my professional and familiar life to California in January. I can not carry on with the role. It has been an honor to chair the Assembly and the Council of the League. I thank all the presidents for these last two years together.”

“Since the beginning of my term, I tried to tackle critical topics like Serie A governance and innovation. I attempted to create a Media Company alongside the introduction of private equity funds. Its success in La Liga proves the solidity of the project. We recently built the IBC center in Lissone, which was a remarkable success.”

Dal Pino concluded: “I made an effort to bring ideas and change in a context that is often resistant to them. I worked in unison with Gravina, who truly loves this sport and is a proper guide for it. We shared many battles to brave the pandemic and lift Italian football amid infinite internal and external difficulties.” Serie A now risks being placed under receivership if they do not elect a new leader soon.