Serie A Re-Open Talks with Hedge Funds after Massive La Liga Deal

Serie A was nearing an agreement on a ten-year deal with CVC, Advent and FSI last Spring. Then, a few clubs withdrew their approval following the sale of TV rights. They considered the sums involved to be satisfactory and sunk the project. A few weeks later, Juventus, Inter and Milan joined the Super League, something the contract with the funds would not have allowed. The other sides accused them of betrayal for the rapid turn of events.

The breakaway competition is mostly moribund, with only the Bianconeri, Barcelona, and Real Madrid still in it. And Serie A teams have rekindled preliminary talks to get a new deal done with the consortium, La Repubblica reports. A lot happened since the previous one collapsed. The three biggest stars, Cristiano Ronaldo, Romelu Lukaku and Gianluigi Donnarumma, are no longer in Italy. More importantly, CVC has successfully negotiated a 50-year, €2.1B package with La Liga sides despite the opposition of the two powerhouses.

Serie A president Paolo Dal Pino has always been a big proponent of the idea. He would need 14 votes to get it approved, and he was one shy the last time. Inter are coming around, and others could follow suit. According to IlSole24Ore, the teams are pondering whether CVC should remain involved, due to the possible conflict of interest, or move forward just with Advent and FSI. They are open to other financial partners as well. The previous deal arranged the creation of a brand-new media company and the sale of its 10 percent for €1.7B.