Spalletti Makes Plea to Napoli Fans, Stresses Education

Luciano Spalletti rallied the Napoli fans while interrupting the presentation of new backup goalie Pierluigi Gollini on Radio Kiss Kiss Thursday (via Diretta).

“I’d like to make a plea to our faithful. Their support is more important than what I can say on the pitch. They have to be close to us in this very moment. Our group does everything for the city, the jersey, the team, and its history. Everything for Napoli and Naples must be our slogan, disregarding the individuals.”

Spalletti also had interesting comments for some kids waiting for autographs at the end of the practice at the Castel Volturno’s training center (via La Repubblica).

“You shouldn’t skip classes. How could I possibly coach you in the future if don’t understand what I say? There are two ways to do sport: kicking the ball around and studying to comprehend what I ask for. That’s part of football too. If you want to play at Napoli for me, you need to figure out what you want to do and where you want to go. Having technique and be knowledgeable and take in what you are told to are equally important.”

Spalletti finished with what was only partially a joke.

“Giovanni Di Lorenzo isn’t the captain because he’s our best player, but due to the fact that he has the best grades out of anybody.”

Napoli will face Spezia Saturday, looking to earn their fifth straight win. They’ll try to take advantage of the collision course between two of their main foes, Milan and Inter.

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