Suning Fully Committed to Inter, Hatch Plans for Future

Suning have put the rumors about a potential sale of Inter behind them. There were some talks with PIF before they acquired Newcastle, but they did not gain much traction. The Chinese conglomerate is committed to the Nerazzurri and has a clear vision for the club, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports.

The ownership outlined their strategy in the quarterly Inter Media and Communication report, which sums up the commercial profits. It confirmed that the project would move forward. One of the main focuses is to expand the brand among the €103M Chinese fans. Moreover, they aim to promote youth football as prescribed by the government. The multiple sponsorships on the first-team kit will yield €116M until 2025, a significant improvement compared to previous seasons.

As a sign of continuity, the contracts of top executives Giuseppe Marotta, Alessandro Antonello, Piero Ausilio and Dario Baccin will be extended until 2024. The official statements will arrive when it is easier for Steven Zhang to travel to Italy amid the COVID-related restrictions.

Inter will have to continue to self-finance like in the past year. The new stadium will be pivotal in that regard. Furthermore, sound player trading will remain key. Marotta stated yesterday: “We have to find sustainable models, like selling players and replace them properly. I think it is an ethical modus operandi. We owe our stability to the Zhang family, but the pandemic caused major problems. We do not have a daily dialog, but we are in touch very often. They make their presence felt.”