Totti Praises Mourinho and Two Roma Stars, Cautious on Zaniolo

Francesco Totti discussed a few topics related to his former team in an interview: “The season just started, and everything is still up in the air. Juventus will be back. Roma and Napoli can do a lot better than in the previous campaign. There is not a real juggernaut, and all the big clubs have a chance.”

The legend talked to La Gazzetta dello Sport: “José Mourinho is a versatile coach, a great winner, and he has a certain allure. The real news is that he chose Roma. He is clearly a great character and motivator. He has always been an added value, both on the pitch and in managing the group. It surprised me how quickly he got in synch with the environment. He is front and center, like a shield, and that can be a decisive factor.”

Nicolò Zaniolo just returned from two major injuries. We all hope he will become a champion, but he still has a lot to prove. He has to work hard. You generally mature when you get older. He must do that by surrounding himself with professionals that support him. What happens outside the pitch is particularly important in Rome. He has great potential, but we will see what he will have achieved in ten years.”

“Tammy Abraham is a world-class player, and he has some skills that we had not seen at Roma in a while. He is great technically, and he is a fighter. I am convinced he will do well. I hope it will be Lorenzo Pellegrini’s year. The city and the club must understand his worth. He is really strong and possesses great moral values that allow him to be a leader. He knows how to behave, and he is humble. A true captain.”