Francesco Totti has been rumored to join the Roma management a few times since leaving, with José Mourinho reportedly a proponent of the hiring.

Totti Junior Leaves Roma to Join Frosinone Primavera

Francesco Totti junior, Cristian Totti, is bound to experience a complicated path back to Roma if he wishes to continue or perhaps emulate his father’s legacy in the Italian capital. After advanced negotiations with Frosinone, it has been decided for Cristian to continue his development some hundred kilometers southeast of Rome.
Losing the semi-final on a coin toss marked a forgettable end to an otherwise memorable European competition debut for Roma

European Football Stories: How Roma’s Fate Was Decided by a Coin

The coin that could have ended Roma's maiden campaign in the Cup Winners Cup early (against PSV), opted to give the Romanisti initial hope before ensuring eventual disappointment in the Semi Finals against Gornik Zabrze, one that would take a long time to recover from.