Totti Comments on Roma Return, Derby, and Mourinho

Francesco Totti continues to campaign for his return to the Roma management but admitted that the club wasn’t on the same page. El Pupone talked about that and more to Christian Vieri on Bobo TV (via Eurosport).

“Every interview ends up there. I give the same answer every time: it takes two to make a marriage. I will always be available, but the counterparty doesn’t have the same intention. However, even if I’m not working for them, it’s almost as if I’m there anyway.”

Totti wasn’t entertained by the recent derby.

“A game with just two shots on goal, one for each side, isn’t really a game. There would have been more harsh tackles in our days. I don’t understand how you could have so few attempts when you have players of the caliber of Paulo Dybala and Romelu Lukaku, who form the best attacking pair in the league in my opinion.”

Totti was complimentary of José Mourinho and took a stance about the future of the coach.

“He’s one of the best and most successful managers in the world, along with Carlo Ancelotti. He led them to two finals in two years, which had never happened, and needs to be commended for that. As a Roma fan, I should be thankful for life. I believe he should stay, but I don’t want to go out on a limb. I’d be happy if he did. Instead, should he leave, I hope they hired a top-shelf option.”

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