US Supplement Possibly at Fault in Pogba Doping Case

Paul Pogba blames a supplement for testing positive for testosterone after the opener. He reportedly told Juventus he bought it in the United States, where the rules are slightly different, following the advice of a doctor he’s friends with, Corriere della Sera relays.

Taking drugs without informing the team could put him even further in trouble and lead to drastic decisions by the Bianconeri. The provisional suspension, which already started, doesn’t allow him to practice.

Pogba will have to prove that he did it unknowingly to contain the damage. Doping-related bans are hefty. In the meantime, his salary has been suspended as per the bylaws.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Old Lady will likely cut ties should he be ultimately disqualified for a lengthy period of time. However, nothing is imminent.

Professor Guido Valori, who specializes in sports law, explained.

“Contracts always envisage a rescission clause in case of doping. At this stage, Juventus have to reason to do it since they can stop paying the wages of Pogba. I think they will eventually wait for the first degree of judgment or the conclusion of the trial. If things moved quickly, it could finish by the end of this year and the start of the new one.”

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