Juventus Can Suspend Pogba Pay over Doping Charges

While Pogba awaits more exams and ponders his next moves, which are limited, Juventus hinted at possible actions toward the player in the statement announcing his ban. Doping is one of the rare cases where it’s possible to suspend the wages, as per the collective bargaining agreement, starting from the effective date of the illicit and for the entire duration of the punishment (via Calcio e Finanza).

The bylaws read.

“In case of a disqualification for doping, the reduction of the compensation, or alternatively the rescission of the contract, can be equal to its entire amount for the whole duration of the suspension, starting from the preventive one issued by the sports authorities.”

Pogba was subject to such a measure on Monday. Juventus could act quickly if they wanted to. The midfielder earns €8M net and €10.48M gross. If he’s eventually found guilty, they’ll be able to release him without a severance package.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, José Luis Palomino, the last Serie A player to face similar charges, was cleared quickly because there have been a few cases related to a healing ointment. If that’s not the case, the process will take a long time before its final verdict.

Juventus and Pogba hadn’t asked for a therapeutic waiver due to health problems. Moreover, testosterone can’t be taken even in those instances.

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