Allegri Expects Slow Window, Voices Concern About Pogba

Massimiliano Allegri is looking for a more ordinary campaign following the off-the-pitch drama that affected Juventus in 2022/2023. He spoke with La Gazzetta dello Sport from the United States.

“The past season was peculiar, and the mental tool was very high. The new one will be different. We’ll restart with faith. Almost the entire group is available. We’re still in July. There will be the whole August to fix the squad if it needs it. Otherwise, we are set as is.”

“I want to remind everybody that we finished third. First of all, we are waiting to know whether we’ll play in the Conference League, then we’ll assess how to proceed. We’d have to be deeper in that case.”

Allegri stated that Paul Pogba had an uncertain timetable.

“Not having him for an entire year was penalizing. He’s working on the side at the moment. Our goal is for him to recover as quickly as possible. We don’t know when he’ll be able to train fully. He’s doing okay, but we need to be cautious. It’ll take us a month to have a better understanding.”

Allegri added that Dusan Vlahovic was banged up as well.

“We are trying to handle him the best we can. He suffered from sports hernia last season. We don’t want to overload him now to have him in peak shape for the opener.”

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