Verona to Stick with Bocchetti After Cioffi Dismissal

Verona have yet to announce who’s going to be their next coach after firing Gabriel Cioffi, but Salvatore Bocchetti directed the recent practices, and he’s fully expected to stay at the helm. He doesn’t have the license, but he can get a month-long waiver, and they are seeking a workaround.

As per Alfredo Pedullà, Diego Lopez spent a couple of days in town to negotiate, but the parties couldn’t strike a deal. President Maurizio Setti wanted to have the current Primavera gaffer on the first-team bench, which caused friction. The Scaligeri have had prolific contacts with Aurelio Andreazzoli too but didn’t reach a complete agreement in this case either.

Therefore, Bocchetti will helm Verona versus Milan, and then the club will evaluate how things go. According to TeleNuovo, the young manager will be flanked by Tony Dervishi. He’s been a consultant to the owner and chaired some of his companies in recent years. He got a UEFA Pro license in Albania.

The former defender joined the technical staff after retiring in 2021. He began with the U-18 team and then quickly became an assistant under Igor Tudor. He went back to the youth side in the summer. He’s said to be well-liked in the locker room and played along with some of their veterans.

Our Take on Verona Promoting Bocchetti

Serie A is a copy-cat league, and Monza have had great success with rookie boss Raffaele Palladino, but not all youngsters are equal. It’s a calculated risk, as there is still time to hire an experienced option if they continue reeling. The Gialloblù have a good enough roster and just need to go back to the intensity and aggression of their previous iterations.

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