Verratti: “The PK for England Was Generous, But Final Was Deserved”

Marco Verratti spoke to the press from Coverciano earlier today: “England are physical and have some technical players. They deserved to reach the final. We will face a great team, both sides will try their hardest to win. They play in a stadium they are very familiar with. It would be a dream to come out on top in this scenario. Wembley will push us as well, it will be very motivating.”

On the dubious penalty kick versus Denmark: “It was a generous call, I would not have awarded it. It was a key moment. I am sure there will be a good referee Sunday and that the environment will not affect him. We are not worried about that.”

Verratti commented on the growth of Italian football: “The French newspapers are happy for us, we did not have this credibility beforehand. The Azzurri have recaptured their legitimate place among national teams. Coach Roberto Mancini has always done well, but everybody gets criticized because only the results matter in football. He instilled trust into us after a debacle.”

On the final: “It will be easy to prepare. Every player gives his whole to the cause here, whether he starts or features for a single minute. The details will make the difference, we must be on point and forget everything else. The pressure is palpable but the squad that has more desire to just enjoy itself and take it easy will have an advantage.”

Verratti closed by addressing PSG’s impressive moves: Gianluigi Donnarumma is proving to be a great goalkeeper, he deserves to be in a top club and win the Champions League, which is our goal. Sergio Ramos is a champion as well. The club is doing great, I am looking forward to working daily with the new additions.”