Why Roma and Tiago Pinto Ended Up Partying Ways Early

Tiago Pinto sensed that Roma wouldn’t have confirmed him regardless of the outcome of the season, and he decided to cut ties early to give himself and the club more time. The ownership wouldn’t have gone in such a direction for dissatisfactory results but for more technical reasons, Sportitalia informs.

The higher-ups don’t believe his signings led to an economic growth comparable to the other top Serie A sides. For instance, Milan cashed in on Sandro Tonali handsomely last summer, and Inter do it pretty much in every window to finance their additions.

Instead, during the Tiago Pinto era, Roma recorded some ‘plusvalenze’ only selling youngsters from their academy. The exec focused more on creating ‘instant teams’ filled with veterans and loanees rather than having a forward-thinking strategy.

François Modesto and Frederic Massara are the early favorites to take over, the publication adds. Instead, the Portuguese official might bounce back quickly and be hired by Al-Nassr, Tuttomercatoweb informs.

The Giallorossi could touch base for two more high-profile free agent execs, Christopher Vivell, who worked at Chelsea and RB Leipzig, and Javier Ribalta, who recently left Olympique Marseille and spent time at Zenit, Parma and Juventus in the past, La Repubblica and Il Messagero report (via OneFootball).

Our Take on Roma and Tiago Pinto

It’s tough to blame him since he was  between a hammer and an anvil given their FFP restrictions and José Mourinho’s requests. Their new hire won’t be in a much better place.

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