Zaccagni Agent Partially Walks Back Rant Against Lotito

Mario Giuffredi attacked Claudio Lotito and the Lazio hierarchy for their inaction about the extension of Mattia Zaccagni. The agent decided to take back part of his fiery tirade to Tuttomercatoweb.

“I’d like to make some clarifications about my interview. The relationship between me, the president, and the club has always been of esteem and mutual trust. My thoughts were portrayed in misleading ways by various outlets. They weren’t quarrelsome or destructive toward a team we’re bound to by a great friendship.”

“It’s true that the Zaccagni situation dragged on for too long. Still, I didn’t mean to imply that Lotito didn’t care about it. Evidently, he had a host of commitments. I didn’t want to slam him, also because he gave his word to me and the kid. I’m sure he’ll keep it. My remarks were precautionary because of the love of the client toward Lazio. That’s why we are eager to solve this matter in the best possible way for all parties involved.”

Our Take on Lazio, Giuffredi, and Zaccagni

He must have received a stern reprimand for his words, which were indeed incendiary but not unfair since the attacker has seemingly been on the verge of re-upping his deal for a long time. Even though he’s due, it won’t be a major issue as long as it happens before the end of the season, as he’s under contract till 2025.

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