Zaniolo Urges Italian Outfits to Come and Get Him

Nicolò Zaniolo will likely transfer again in the summer as his Aston Villa stint hasn’t gone well and is hopeful for a Serie A return, as he told Corriere dello Sport.

“I miss Italy a lot: the friends, my family, and my son. It’s up to the clubs to define my future, especially Galatasaray. In the meantime, I wish to express my gratitude toward Monchi, who bet on me again after bringing me to Roma when I was 19.”

Zaniolo looked back at his messy exit from the Giallorossi.

“It was a great story. I loved intensely and was reciprocated. However, things end in football like in life. When it’s like that, it’s better to part ways holding the memory in your heart. Nothing particular happened. The truth is that the relationship with the team started to get strained, and we mutually decided it was better not to drag things out.”

Zaniolo has been linked to Lazio but wouldn’t entertain such a possibility.

“I don’t know anything about it. However, it’d be preposterous for what Roma meant to me and also out of respect for the Biancocelesti fans.”

Our Take on Zaniolo

His long-time suitors are somewhat set in his position, as Milan plugged his hole on the right wing, Juventus have Federico Chiesa and two touted youngsters, although they probably won’t stay all, and Napoli added Cyril Ngonge to Matteo Politano in January. Unless he accepts a secondary role, he’d have to settle for a second-tier team to come back.

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