Zaniolo’s Mother: “Only Lazio Fans Insulted Him, Now Even the Romanisti”

The situation between Roma and Zaniolo is now irreversible, especially after the 23-year-old rejected Bournemouth’s €30M offer. The Giallorossi management reportedly considered Zaniolo’s refusal as a sign a disrespect, given his intention to immediately leave the club.

Amid all the saga surrounding the transfer, the player’s mother – Francesca Costa –  spoke to Corriere della Sera (via VoceGiallorossa) and expressed her disappointment of her son’s treatment by the Roma tifosi.

“Before it was only the Lazio people who insulted Nicolò, now even the Romanisti. What a disaster. I don’t like this silence, but the prosecutor Vigorelli doesn’t want us to talk. Nicolò is now 24 years old and knows how to defend himself. He doesn’t need me to do that.”

Talks with Milan have led nowhere, but it is not entirely ruled out. And Leeds United are still in the shadows for a potential move, continuing negotiations with the Roma management.

If nothing materializes, Zaniolo will stay put as a Roma player until June, albeit without a chance of reconciliation. The Italy international was earlier subject to death threats and insults from Roma supporters, forcing him to leave the city and head to his hometown La Spezia to escape the hostile climate.

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