Agent Reveals Backstory About Real Madrid and Allegri

The future of Massimiliano Allegri currently hangs in the balance, and there was a chance he didn’t come back to Juventus in 2021, as Real Madrid had almost secured his arrival, his agent Giovanni Branchini told Relevo

“He would have been their coach had he signed. Absolutely everything had been agreed upon. In the end, with a heavy heart, he decided not to do it. It was painful for both parties. He didn’t go to another club that offered him more. Rather, he chose to stay in Italy for two reasons that coincided: a family-related matter and the Bianconeri’s proposal. Therefore, he preferred not to leave Turin.”

Branchini revealed how things went down between Allegri and Real Madrid.

“I relayed the decision to CEO José Angel Sanchez. I always speak to him as he’s the one I trust the most, even though I know Florentino Perez. You need to respect the roles. They are a fantastic club with incredible professionals. Honestly, it would have been a dream for my client and a great satisfaction for me. However, the motivations behind his choice were so human and serious that we could only all accept them.”

In the end, Real Madrid appointed Carlo Ancelotti instead of Allegri.

“He’s a lifetime friend, but he has such a strong bond with Los Blancos that I didn’t need to intervene. They didn’t hire him right away because they were blindsided. He would have stayed at Everton, but they paid to free him up.”

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