Agnelli Preaches Serenity but Investigation Forges Ahead

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli addressed the ongoing investigation to the players and the employees, showing confidence and tranquility. On the other hand, the evidence obtained by the local DA’s office will soon be transmitted to the federal prosecutor. Sports justice has quicker times than the ordinary one, and the consequences could be massive.

Massimiliano Allegri downplayed the harmful effects of the matter in the pre-game presser: “The chairman had a wonderful speech. We are serene. The management will take care of everything.” According to Tuttosport, Agnelli told those who work at the Continassa HQ that Juventus operated within the rules.

After Federico Cherubini, the investigators interrogated CEO Maurizio Arrivabene yesterday. They will hear from more executives, in particular Stefano Bertola, Marco Re, and Stefano Cerrato, who had apical positions on the business side of Juventus. They will finish off with Agnelli, Fabio Paratici, and Pavel Nedved, the only ones currently facing charges.

The detectives have begun handing over the paperwork to the Federal prosecutor. They believe some elements could be of interest and that the whole Italian football system is diseased, Corriere della Sera relays. While they are focusing on Juventus for suspected financial crimes, sports justice will have a broader spectrum. Napoli, Inter, Genoa, Sampdoria, and Atalanta also had highly suspicious plusvalenze in recent years, La Repubblica reports.

Most of the documents are currently sealed as the probe is still ongoing. The federation will receive them in full only at its conclusion. The investigators anticipate it could happen within a month, Repubblica says.