Agnelli Uses Choice Words to Describe Sarri Season at Juventus

The All or Nothing documentary following Juventus in the 2020-2021 season dropped today. Andrea Agnelli hand-picked Andrea Pirlo to manage the team to open the series. The president did not mince words about what happened with Maurizio Sarri at the helm.

“I have been the Juventus president for ten years. If I look back at the past season, besides the results, and I say it with an open heart, it was a [expletive] year. Somebody inside this locker room did not give everything they could.”

“There are 800 people at Juventus, and we go on the pitch, win and lose all together. We have to row all in the same direction. We have made this choice, and I believe a lot in Pirlo. Now it is up to the group to follow him daily and in any situation. It will be a challenging campaign. I am here with the same enthusiasm as always. Whoever tries to touch you will have to do it over my body. The rest is up to you.”

His former teammates reacted to their surprise hiring. Gianluigi Buffon stated: “I am attached to Andrea almost as a brother. His failure would be my personal one too.”  Giorgio Chiellini added: “I did not expect to see him on the Juventus bench so soon. He started our winning cycle when he joined.” Cristiano Ronaldo weighed in as well: “I was happy but also surprised, but the same happened at Real Madrid with Zinedine Zidane. He was part of the squad and knows how we think.”