Another Accusation Added to Inquiry on Juventus Finances

The public prosecutors looking into the allegedly fake capital gains by Juventus in recent years have broadened their inquiry. They are now assessing whether the club operated correctly regarding the wages during the stoppage in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Corriere della Sera informs.

The investigators searched the offices of multiple lawyers and accountants in Turin, Milan, and Rome. They also visited the headquarters of the World Soccer Agency chaired by Alessandro Lucci, who represents a few Bianconeri. They were after the records pertaining private agreements between players and the team.

At the time, the management came to terms with the squad to postpone four monthly installments. According to the early findings of the inquiry, Juventus registered a contraction of the costs in the balance sheets in 2020 and 2021 thanks to such move. However, they omitted the wages from their debts.

Paulo Dybala was interrogated for three hours yesterday. More players will do the same in the next few days. According to the prosecutors, Juventus did not submit the paperwork to the proper institutions. They did it only partially or incorrectly in the following seasons.

The preliminary investigation judge that greenlighted the search penned that Juventus have a habit of keeping documents outside of their HQ and destroying them once they no longer need them as guarantees. The district attorney’s office asked for all payslips since 2019. The probe on the plusvalenze started in December and involves the whole brass of the Bianconeri. The main accusation is false accounting.