Cafù Dishes on Neymar Injury, Paquetá and Liverpool Ace

Legendary fullback Cafù is part of the Brazil delegation in Qatar and is optimistic about La Seleçao’s chances to go far in the competition, as he told La Gazzetta della Sport.

“We are strong and have the deepest squad, filled with experienced players. Neymar was the main guy in 2018, but the situation is different now. We’ll miss him because he can make the difference at any moment, but we can’t depend on him. We hope his ankle heals, but we are very solid even without him. The group will have to emerge now.”

The Pentacampeao are leaning on multiple defenders from Serie A.

“It’s a positive thing because you learn a lot tactically in Italy. You can’t win the World Cup by only attacking if your backline doesn’t work.”

Cafù looked back at Lucas Paquetá’s failed stint at Milan.

“He was too young and the club gave him too many responsibilities, while he needed time. He has more personality and knows how to stay on the pitch now.”

The former defender praised Vinicius.

“He owes Carlo Ancelotti a lot. It’s incredible how good he is in grooming youngsters. He taught him how to play for the team, and not just for himself.”

Cafù backed Trent Alexander-Arnold, who has yet to log minutes in the World Cup.

“I don’t understand why. He’s the full package: he has quality, dribbling skills, and pace. But it’s always the same thing. They say you don’t defend and sit you. They used to do the same thing to me and Roberto Carlos, but I’d argue we managed to win something anyway. The style of the fullbacks has become robotic, there are fewer cuts without the ball.”

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