Conte Reveals the Need to be Stimulated to Make Return

Antonio Conte is ready to get back to the managerial stage, announcing his intention to return back to the dugout. Conte, who was relieved by Tottenham Hotspur, lost his shine at a club where he was rarely appreciated, and soon managed to break free.

Conte spoke at a press conference (via Tuttomercatoweb) at Timone d’Oro in Arezzo and gave an insight on his plans for the future.

“The desire to coach is always there, the passion never dies. If it does, I’ll have to look inside and think about not doing this job anymore. Having said that, I don’t have the urge to look for a bench. Should something important and serious happen, which will give me a stimulus, then I would consider it, both in Italy and abroad.”

Conte then recalled his stint at Tottenham Hotspur.

“The last experience, like all the others, made me feel positive and negative things. The experience was wonderful, we did our best and gave everything we had. When I arrived, the team was eighth/ninth, and we made it to the Champions League. Then this year, with the team fourth, I decided to part ways.”

Conte has been linked to a return to Italy, with a number of clubs, including Napoli, interested in his services. He is expected to make a return back to managerial duties soon enough.

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