Milan Fans Issue Angry Response to Donnarumma Claim of Love

Gianluigi Donnarumma recently shone light on his feelings for the Milan, with whom he parted ways on not-so-good terms as his contract expired at the end of last season.

The EURO 2020 Player of the Tournament moved to Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer after opting not to renew his contractual terms with his youth club – the club that pushed him into the footballing limelight.

Donnarumma stressed about the fact of how important the Italian club is in his life and that he does not expect any hostility from the Rossoneri faithful as he returns to San Siro for the first time since his move to Paris for the Azzurri’s UEFA Nations League semi-final against Spain.

However, Milan ultras – the Curva Sud – feel otherwise. The club’s ultras have issued a response to the goalkeeper’s claims that he still feels love for the Rossoneri.

A banner was unveiled by the Rossoneri supporters yesterday in Milan, close to the place where Donnarumma is staying, that read: “Donnarumma, you will never be welcome in Milan again, piece of sh*t,” signed by Curva Sud Milano at the end.