Divergences Between Lotito and Sarri Quickly Deepening

Claudio Lotito and Maurizio Sarri are growing further and further apart. The wedge was already there in the summer when the president didn’t listen to the coach’s suggestion on the transfer market. Their slow start only made it bigger. They have lost four times in the first seven matchdays.

Per Il Messaggero, the Biancocelesti will go on a retreat ahead of Saturday’s clash with Atalanta for the second time in short order. They did it before the Torino game, and it worked out.

Lotito disagrees with Sarri concerning the club’s level.

“Finishing second last season and our first half in San Siro prove that there’s no gap with the top teams and that our reinforcements are good. We have to stay united.”

The gaffer isn’t at risk of getting the axe at this stage, but he’s starting to be on shaky ground. He’s tied to the team until 2025 and has a €4M salary. It’d be rather expensive to move on from him. The Biancocelesti will look to bounce back again versus Celtic in Champions League midweek.

Our Take on Lotito and Sarri

While there’s a blatant dissonance, things would really have to snowball for a divorce as the owner, despite his boisterous persona, isn’t one to make rash decisions. The back and forth is getting a little too personal, though. In hindsight, having a sporting director as a buffer wasn’t too bad, even though both often used Igli Tare as a punching bag.

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