Donnarumma Discusses “Challenging” First Year with PSG

Gianluigi Donnarumma revisited an up-and-down first season with PSG: “It was fantastic to win my first title. I am very proud to be part of a great and very ambitious club, which always shoots to the top.” 

The goalkeeper talked to France24: “The start was challenging because it was my first time outside Italy and in a new team. I feel the support of a big family. The campaign was not easy; I would give it a seven out of ten in terms of rate. I know I can do more, and I did not play in many matches, just half of them.”

Donnarumma reiterated that he has no issues with his competitor Keylor Navas, but he believes PSG will solve the problem in the summer: “I have an excellent relationship with him. We are both good guys, and we understood the situation. It was tough for him and me, but we handled it well, between us and with the rest of the group. I think the club will proceed to make different choices.”

The Italian international discussed his blunder and the loss against Real Madrid: “The goal was irregular, but we could have managed the game better. We are very disappointed, but we have to move past it. We are looking forward to competing again and trying to win the Champions League. Being obsessed with it would be counter-productive. We just have to remain poised and do what we are capable of, and the results will follow. We have the means to pull it off.” 

On top of dishing about PSG, Donnarumma addressed the World Cup elimination: “It was very harsh, especially in the ensuing days. But we can not walk it back. Winning the Euro was historical, but we belong to that competition, and we could not qualify.”