Fagioli Talks Cremonese Promotion and Juventus Future

Juventus loanee Nicolò Fagioli helped Cremonese gain a historic promotion to Serie A: “We stayed up until 5 am after the win over Como. It was an unexpected turn of events considering the standings before the final matchday. We always believed in it, and we were rewarded in the end. Scoring against Gianluigi Buffon was unforgettable. He congratulated me after the match.”

“Federico Chiesa and Alvaro Morata were the first to reach out to me. I dream to return to the Bianconeri, as I feel ready now. However, I do not know my future yet, nor Morata’s one. I want to enjoy this victory, and then there will be time to speak with the management and my agents.”

Fagioli praised the Juventus U-23 project to TuttoSport: “It is great, and I hope they will win the Serie C playoffs. Fabio Miretti and I came up together, and it would be fantastic to share the locker room with him. Seeing him in the XI was a great sign for all youngsters. Growing begins with having the right mentality. You have to be on point every day to reach important goals. This year was very formative for me because I played next to several veterans. It was one further step after featuring with the second team.”

The midfielder named his model: “My idol is Luka Modric, but I do not have his long ball. He has unique touches. I wish to come close to him. If I met him, I would ask him how he manages to be still hungry. I can play in multiple positions in the midfield. I am great at Cremonese, but staying is not just up to me. Fabio Pecchia is an excellent coach and trusted me. I hold him in high regard.