Finnish Tycoon Zilliacus Halts Operations to Buy Inter

Thomas Zilliacus has been very vocal about his intent to take over Inter in previous months, but his activity didn’t amount to much. He’s withdrawing, at least momentarily, due to legal issues.

Moreover, president Steven Zhang is closing in on refinancing his loan from Oaktree. It would quiet the concerns about the future of the team for a couple of years.

The Finnish businessman’s company issued a statement (via Fantacalcio).

“The lawyers of the XXI Century Capital, the investment fund that belongs to the Thomas Zilliacus Mobile Future Works, involved in an offer to acquire Inter, announce to have ended such a process.”

“Zilliacus has been working for over a year on a consortium to make Inter the best team in the world and a perennial Serie A and Champions League contender. We tabled an offer in November 2023. We were very close to reaching an agreement.”

“Due to false accusations that paint him as a fugitive if he’s not even facing any charges, some investors that had already signed agreements to buy Inter have pulled out.”

Reports indicate the entrepreneur is under investigation in Singapore for possible financial infractions concerning the e-commerce company YuuZoo.

Zilliacus also recently stated to L’Interista that he’d been wrongly labeled as a billionaire by the media, which is not the case, and that his aim was always to take over Inter as the frontman of a larger group.

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