Marotta Hoping for Quick Agreement on Lautaro Renewal

Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta affirmed their desire to come to terms with Lautaro Martinez and heaped praise on him after the 2023 Golden Boy ceremony to Sky.

“We strongly intend to invest in him since he’s the present and future of Inter. We’ll do everything in our power to reach a positive resolution while respecting the other players who are amply doing their job. He’s a youngster who has grown a lot and is establishing himself as a champion. He’s giving us great satisfaction for what he did and will do. I believe he could be a stalwart long-term. He’s even the captain now.”

Marotta backed coach Simone Inzaghi.

“I’m extremely optimistic, and I’m happy for the work he’s doing. He’s proving with facts, results, and performances that he’s a capable and prepared coach. The slip-ups are part of the equation since we’re competing on multiple fronts. We need to be patient, understand the errors, and improve on those. It’s still an indecisive stretch of the season.”

Marotta had reassuring words on the Zhang family as the sale rumors have quieted down.

“The Chinese ownership made large investments, over €1B. We had to be smart and make a virtue out of necessity. Even without splurging, they allowed us to put together competitive squads. They let us work in peace and don’t influence us. Steven is 30 years old; he’s very tranquil and doesn’t put pressure on us.”

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