Fiorentina Staple on World Cup Blow and His Final Team

Nicolas Gonzalez reflected on the disappointment of missing the World Cup due to injury, his Fiorentina spell, and more in an interview with Argentinian Youtuber Ezzequiel (via OneFootball).

“I didn’t believe in these things beforehand, but I talk with a psychologist now. Those who hadn’t seen me play in a while say that there has been a significant change. I don’t realize it, and I’m the same as ever. I like to joke. But if others state that, it means that I’m doing well.”

Gonzalez is well aware of expectations.

“I don’t know if I feel the pressure of being the most expensive player in the history of Fiorentina. It’s a great responsibility. If we lose two games in a row, I’m the first to get criticized. I’ve come here two years before the World Cup. People wanted to eat me alive because they thought I was faking an injury.”

“It hurt, and that’s why I sought help. I never lost my patience and am very serene now. It was a tough moment. It happened three days before the competition, and I called my mom in tears. They flew here the next day. We reached two finals with Fiorentina, and I thought we were due to win one. We lost both, but life doesn’t end there.”

Gonzalez revealed where his career might end.

“I see myself with River Plate jersey in the future.”

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