Inter Exec Admits UCL Success Will Help Their Finances

Inter corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello stated that the unexpectedly long run in Champions League, and the prize money generated by it, will be beneficial to their balance sheets and perhaps alter their transfer market plans. He spoke during an event hosted by the Bocconi University (via EuroSport).

“Results like reaching the semifinal, which we hadn’t planned for at the beginning of the season, help us a lot from a financial sustainability perspective. Although, it’s important for us to finish in the top four. It’s premature to think about what would happen if we missed out because there are many fixtures to go. We have to keep our focus on those. We have reached five finals in the past four years. That means that our project and strategies have borne fruit. The final stages of the season will be very interesting and enthrall the fans.”

Antonello dished on the EuroDerby between Inter and Milan.

“It’s noteworthy that we meet again at this stage of the competition after 20 years. It means that Italian football is in good shape. The two games will be thrilling. It will be a triumph for the city. We will see who will go to Istanbul.”

Antonello provided a bleak update on the new stadium, which Inter are mulling building on their own, like Milan, although the original project in the San Siro area hasn’t been formally abandoned.

“There are no news. The process is still open, and we’ll have to answer the city soon. We’ll coordinate our response with the Rossoneri. We are forging ahead because we still consider it the primary solution and worked on it for four years.”

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