Inter Veteran Heavily Hints at His Extension in Presser

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is negotiating his renewal with Inter. It’s one of the most urgent since his contract is up in 2024. He’s expected to stay put, as he alluded to in his latest comments. He tackled the topic before the RB Salzburg game (via SportMediaset).

“I’m great here, both in the city and the team, and I’m doing the best I can to help my teammates. I do my job on the pitch. My agent handles the other matters. But I want to stay.”

“Before arriving here, I told Simone Inzaghi I’d come to contribute, and then he would choose. I always do everything I can to play, then it’s up to the coach to decide the formation. I’ve never been a defensive-minded player, but when I apply myself in both phases when I feature as a box-to-box.”

Mkhitaryan starred for a while as a second striker in the final minutes of the Torino match.

“It wasn’t a first for me. I’ve played a lot as a no.10 throughout my career, and It’s a role I like a lot. It doesn’t matter a lot to me where I’m fielded. If the coach deploys me there, it’s to help the team; otherwise, I’ll try to abide by his requests.”

“First place? We don’t look at the standings now, because the season is still very long. Plus, it’s a Champions League game, not a Serie A one. We’re more motivated than ever.”

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