Saudi Arabia Reportedly Attempting to Poach Inter Duo

Saudi Arabia has laid eyes on two key Inter cogs, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and CEO Alessandro Antonello, but the club is optimistic about keeping them both. They’ll have to agree to a new contract with the midfielder to do so. His current one expires in 2024.

Per Tuttomercatoweb (via Tribuna), his agent Rafaela Pimenta received a rich bid from the Middle East. If the veteran agreed to the move, he’d earn twice as much, €6/7M, relative to what he’s making in Milan. He’s unlikely to get a bigger salary should he re-up.

The proposal might force Inter to speed up the timetable for the Mkhitaryan renewal. Considering his age, they were plotting to wait until February or March to start haggling. The staple has given his priority to the Nerazzurri, but his departure can’t be totally ruled out.

The Saudi federation has started to target European executives and reached out to Antonello, SportMediaset informs. He doesn’t seem too enticed by the proposal, though. Al-Nassr recently put former Roma official Guido Fienga under contract.

Our Take on Inter and Mkhitaryan

The outside interest might upset their apple cart. They probably thought they could take it down to the wire and proceed on a year-to-year basis. He’s an essential starter at this stage, but Davide Frattesi will likely take over at some point. They were very confident about Edin Dzeko before the summer last year too.

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